Wow – the day has finally come where I can put down my paint brush and simply share all that I have been working on for nearly 9 months now.

This painting wasn’t the first concept in the entire collection but it was the first I painted and now last I finished! I went in on the end to fix some of the niggly things that had been staring at me for months and it turned into a whole project tongue-out In the end – that seems fitting. I have now come full circle.

keepers of nothing oil painting christina ridgeway magical realism deer skull figurative art

This painting is called “Keepers of Nothing” and it will be the sister painting to another I will create over the summer called “Wardens of the Land”. It represents my feelings that we as humans do not own anything on our beautiful planet. The fields, the mountains, the rocks, the trees – these things have a permenance and a life force which borders on eternal – whereas we have short fleeting lives in and amongst them.

Our job is to care for them, be wardens of the land! For we keep nothing in the end.

keepers of nothing detail portrait cross on forehead deer skull magical realism christina ridgeway art

My husband is a hunter – which many who don’t understand the art and conservation efforts of hunting believe would be counter intuitive to everything I just said. However, those who respect the earth and the balance of nature know it can be vital. When he shot his first deer, the warden of the land he was on took a bit of the blood and drew a cross on his forehead.

I used that symbolism here. Within our own connection to nature, to achieve balance, there is a give and take of life. Ultimately we all return to the earth that we came from, let’s hope we give as much as we get.

keepers of nothing detail shot antlers fallow deer skull painting art christina ridgeway magical realism

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog entry and reading the message and meaning behind this painting! I always love to hear what others think and feel when they see my artwork, so please feel free to leave a comment down below with your own thoughts!

This piece is currently available so if you would like to adopt it into your home you can get in contact with me via the Contact link up above!


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and hope to see you at the show at the Jula Hotell in Skara when the show opens on May 31st!