So, here it is – the last and final painting in the series – from which I got it’s name! It feels immensely bittersweet writing this blog post as I know now a huge part of my life the past 9 months is now coming to an end. Before this collection, I hadn’t painted anything in over 2 years and this all rocket launched me into the art world once more. I am so grateful for all the support I have gotten throughout this process! But without further ado – here is the final painting:

blood ash and bone painting artwork oil christina ridgeway magical realism girls in woods creek forest white dresses water

In this painting I aimed to pull together elements from the other works in the show. It was an exciting photoshoot! For the first time ever working with 4 models at the same time on location. Leya, the girl holding the flowers, had the bold idea to go into the creek and this magical image was born.

The title of this painting is also the meaning behind this painting – it doesn’t matter where you were born or where you live – we are all the same, made of blood and bone. The ash played in from the fire painting. I kept thinking it was important, the immense changes we all go through in our life, plays such a role in shaping who we are.

girl holding apple log white dress woods forest painting oil christina ridgeway art

It is those experiences in life which glues us together or tears us apart. It is what creates empathy for our fellow human beings. It creates wounds but also scars and bonds. Being made of blood and bone is one thing – but it is the ashes of days gone by which solidifies our journey as humans on this planet.

girl holding deer skull fallow white dress forest woods magical realism christina ridgeway art
girl standing with stick in water forest woods white dress lace christina ridgeway magical realism art painting

Frida to the left is holding an apple, which makes me giggle because I completely forgot to add apples in the water of “Spirit Guides” – though I had meant to! Apples can be symbols of knowledge, biblically speaking, something we all gain on our journey of life. Maria in the center holds a fallow deer skull, as she did in “Keepers of Nothing” – a reminder of the cycle of life which is inescapable. Dharma, standing tall with her stick, was not covered in black berry juice this time! But to me simply reminds me of the strength we accumulate. The support we need to reach certain goals.

girl holding flowers in water white dress oil painting magical realism christina ridgeway art

And Leya, at the end, holding wild flowers as she did in “From the Ashes” – the hope, beauty and love we retain despite all of the challenges we face.

This series has been a conversation not only with you all the viewers but very much with myself. How do I love my fellow man? How do I set my ego aside and support others when I myself do not feel I have been supported? How do I be kind to myself even when I feel like I am failing?

white dress in running water creek woods forest christina ridgeway magical realism art oils

It can feel like an immense undertaking at times. To feel connected to everyone and to the world around me, it feels like you need to bear open your heart constantly. How scary. How confusing that can be. But somehow so important.

Life is a journey, but never one we need to go through alone. It was never one we were MEANT to go through alone. Just like in “The Bond” the relationships we build and break may not always be positive but they create and define us. We need each other not only for support but also for molding.


I hope you all have enjoyed this series and the messages each of the paintings hold! If you are interested in seeing them in person they are still on view until Sunday the 6th of June at the Jula Hotell in Skara.

This piece is for sale <3


Thank you all again for your support – I wish you a wonderful weekend!