Here it is! The final and last painting I had planned for the “Blood, Ash and Bone” collection. This painting never made it to either of the shows, but it was actually one of the original concepts. It was always intended to be the counterpart to the painting “Keepers of Nothing” which I will explain a bit about below!

wardens of the land share file vs 2

So the joint message of these paintings is in fact quite simple. I think its funny we as humans say we “own” the land we live on. We separate it, control it, damage it and abuse it… but we are in fact keepers of nothing. The Earth is billions of years old and we barely live to see 100.

We should instead see ourselves as Wardens or caretakers of this planet. Leaving it better than we found it. Wouldn’t that be the best way?

detail shot wardens of the land

I know this is an ideal I will probably never see in my lifetime, but it is definitely a mindset I would like to adopt in my everyday life.

This painting is 50 x 75 cm, painted on Belgian linen and is available for sale 🙂


Hope you like this work and the collection in general! Now I will leave the light happy feeling forest to explore some darker themes. Most likely in the trees still though cool because where else.


Hope you all have had a wonderful summer!