Here we are at last! Phew, what a journey. Happy to share with you all my latest painting “Storm in a Teacup” which I thought up on cold winter day while revisiting old music from my teenage years.

full image storm in a teacup

I had never used the expression storm in a teacup before but it is something Shirley Manson says in the song “Hammering in My Head” (that song doesn’t fit whatsoever to this painting, fair warning lol!) but it was something that stuck with me. Interesting imagry I thought… and how fitting to how things have been in my own life.

owl flying over candles close up

Storm in a teacup means basically making something small into something huge. I am definitely an overthinker and an over-analyzer on the best of days. Situations and scenarios become storm clouds in my head and block out intuition and deep knowing. Then in comes the tarot!

girl sitting in forest on blanket close up

I have been reading tarot cards now for about 7 years. I have always loved it but generally read for other people rather than for myself. Not unstrangely, it is so much easier to get an unbiased clear cut reading for others where I don’t have an emotional investment…. but when I read for myself I somehow lean towards what I fear or want to believe and thus disasters out of nothing can be born.

little owl sitting on a log close up

The lesson from all of this – open yourself up and use your own intuition. It can be so difficult when the heart and mind are at war and answers seem lost in the fray of things. But I personally think I am waking up to it far more than I had before.


This painting is 70 x 90 cm and is painted on Belgian linen. She is available for sale <3