It’s been awhile since I made a proper blog post! This painting seemed to need it though. I took the reference photos for this painting on a whim end of October. It was cold, frosty and this patch of moss was sitting on top of a boulder bathed in light. I loved the photos the moment I took them and couldn’t wait to get started!

girl lying in moss with white rabbit oil painting christina ridgeway magical realism

But the feelings I had then and what they transformed into during the months it took to actually create this piece were quite different. In the beginning it seemed like the perfect conclusion to the train of thought I had been having since I created “Hunger”. I had then gone on to make the painting “Trouble” and thought this was the “Insatiable” or “Gluttonous” ending. However, it felt more overwhelming than it did ravenous. My heart had changed. The things I felt so hungry for was like a fever dream of the past.

detail shot portrait wonderland painting

Then I realized how much I felt like Alice in Wonderland with this painting. I had fallen down a rabbit hole so deep I wasn’t sure where I was or how I had gotten there. How did I allow myself to get so caught up in emotions, in situations which suddenly left me feeling very cold and very alone.

detail hand and rabbit wonderland oil painting

As I posted work in progress shots of this painting people kept asking me, “Oh! What on earth happened to her?!” and all I could ever respond was “Life” lol because that is what felt most accurate. Really to summarize this painting is about getting completely lost in a situation, one which felt and seemed so wonderfully delicious until you realize you are completely alone (except for my spirit animal bunny of course!).

detail hand right side wonderland painting oil

The background was all consuming. I can’t even begin to tell you how many hours went into the details. As I worked on it for weeks – it reminded me of my headspace. Tangled, swarming and complicated. It was the perfect background for the emotion. She may appear dead but really she’s just in shock. Bitten off more than she can chew. Processing.

detail moss corner background wonderland oil painting

So there you have it! Though this painting was officially completed in 2022 – I am adding it to my 2021 portfolio. It definitely feels like that’s where this journey began and ended. White dresses, blackberries, moss… with this painting I officially conclude that theme and go on to something a little different and a little new with the new year laughing


This painting is 60 x 80 cm and is painted on Belgian linen. It has already sold <3