Hello friends – my latest painting is done and not a moment too soon. As I gear up for an art heavy summer, I am glad I got to finish this last piece before deadlines start rolling in! It has changed a lot from the original concept I had in mind but I like how it turned out. It was a fun challenge to create droplets all over her body! I had originally thought about having it be located by the ocean, like Åle’s Stenar in Skåne. But I took reference photos at the local cliffs by my house and knew it needed to be there instead. 

I struggled all day coming up with a title for this painting. I thought of feathers falling, cliff dives, prayers, the future… but it all boiled down to one word – Hope. Hope is something we cling to when facing the inevtiable. It is the soothing sensation required to get through truly difficult things, even when no real good outcome is yet in sight. 

Sometimes hope is all that keeps us going even as the world around us pelts us prolems and issues. There is a ray of light in there somewhere. Humans get a terrible rap for the selish greedy things we do – but we are also resilient. Our resilience can be a beautiful thing. It can get us past all odds. It can be truly inspirational.

I don’t want to over explain this painting too much. It is a feeling, fleeting and yet persistent. Feel free to tell me what this painting makes you think of and what role hope has/does play in your life. 


This painting is currently available – if you’re interested in giving her a home, be sure to send me an email via the contact link!