I had the great privledge of being a part of the recent Bad Apple Artist Collective auction end of May 2022. I was actually one of the original members who found the collective way back in 2012 and thus was invited back for the special 10 year anniversary auction – which took place on Facebook.

when i sleep i dream of you painting christina ridgeway

I took the main reference photo for this image last summer during a thunderstorm in the forests up on Mösseberg mountain. I had forgotten about it to be honest but when I stumbled upon it while thinking about this auction I thought “wow, so peaceful and serene… it is perfect”.

A challenge for sure, this is a much smaller canvas then I typically paint on and getting her little face and the foxes faces forrect was difficult. But well worth it I think!

This painting is an echo of sorts of “Hunger” which I painted last fall. But “Hunger” was ravenous instead of peaceful, the fox licking her face trying to bring her back to reality. Now she is fast asleep, dreaming of her own version of Eden as the foxes watch over her once more… allowing her this moment of calm.

I love this painting for that reason. It is the calm that the forest brings me. It is the guidance my angels provide for me. It is the dream of love which surrounds me. We are all trying to find heaven on Earth. Though the truth of it will always be that heaven is a place that resides within each of us.


Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post! The auction is over and this piece has already sold – so thank you to the collector and the Bad Apple Artist Collective for having me back as a guest!