I am late updating my website! My apöolgies – one week ago on September 1st the Symbolic show opened! It is being held via The Inverarity Gallery and celebrates 10 years of the Bad Apple Collective. I was an original member 10 years ago and was invited to take part! My symbol for the show was runes, which I believe is perfect considering I live nestled in the Swedish forest!

This painting is named “Ulvdottern” which is the instagram handle of the model. Ulvdottern means wolf daughter in old Swedish and she is a Swedish nature photographer! She carves deer skulls with nordic runes and I knew she would be perfect for this painting. Thus, she was a major influence and inspiration behind the piece!

portrait ulvdottern

The runes down her chest are as follows:

Algir – Protection
Berkana – Healing
Pertho – Shamanism
Thurs – Powerful binding rune
Ihwar – For the nature

I had Ronja (Ulvdottern) help me pick them out to convey a powerful message of magic, nature, and mysticism. Then moreover I pulled on Swedish traditions such as Santa Lucia and Alla Helgons Dag for inspiration as well.

christina with runes öland

Though they are hard to make out in photographs, I also painted runes in the stones surrounding the figure. These were inspired by my trip to Öland over the summer where they have some wonderful rune stones. This one I am standing next to is the best preserved poem!

But the best way to see this painting is in person or via video! So I have uploaded the varnishing video here as well. I hope you all have enjoyed this piece! She is available via The Inverarity Gallery ([email protected]) .