Here comes the next painting in the 10 x 10 collection for Galleri Melefors! This piece is called “Hidden Realms”. This painting was inspired by pictures I took back last fall when mushrooms are abundant here in the forests of Sweden. I felt like I had stumbled into a fairy land as I came across this lichen and moss covered tree stump on our walk.

Hidden Realms by Christina Rigdeway full oil painting

I definitely wanted to add some magical toadstool mushrooms into this painting, however I had originally painted them red and found it didn’t mesh at all well with the purpley color palette I wanted to go for!

So I repainted them all purple giving it an extra bit of magic.

This was done with some solid color but alot of glazing as well so you can feel the red peeking through underneath. I don’t think it is any secret that I love the forest. But especially the extra magical forests I am surrounded by now. I think they have always felt like gateways or “hidden realms” just beyond humans every day reach.

detail of the lichen and tiny mushrooms hidden realms painting

This painting is full of detail. I’ll never forget that I got covid for the 2nd time while painting this piece and just pushing myself along…every little piece of lichen at a time tongue-out

The original of this painting is already sold. But I am now selling A3 and A4 sized limited edition prints on my Etsy shop if you’d like to have a copy on your walls!

detail of moss on tree stump hidden realms painting

Thanks for your support of my work! It means alot! <3 I hope you enjoy this enchanted forest painting!