Now it is time to finally reveal the first part of the collection I have been working on the past 5 months! We will start with my painting “Sweet Nothings” which is now framed and on display in Galleri Melefors in Link√∂ping, Sweden.

This painting features a girl and a wolf whispering in the forest. It starts the theme for the entire collection – a sort of dark fairytale.

full image Sweet Nothings painting

And on the note of the dark fairytale we enter a world where a girl eats a berry and listens to the sweet nothings of her wolven companion. This painting is about intrigue, mystery, the lure of the wild… what happens in the woods stays in the woods. What he is whispering, I leave up to the viewer wink

detail of sweet nothings painting

This painting is now available framed (beautifully) via Galleri Melefors. If you are interested in this piece or any other I will be sharing from the collection please feel free to get in touch with the gallery.

Hope you all have a wonderful sunny April weekend!

image of sweet nothings framed on wall of galleri melefors