Been awhile since I posted on the blog! This year I started off by painting a few studies and trying out different types of lighting. However, I did want to be a part of a Wow x Wow show this year and it was my excuse to get back in it and create a full blown piece once again.

This painting is called “Vestige” and is an ode to a similar painting from 2017 called “Citizen of Glass”. Citizen of Glass is a song name by Agnes Obel. She had explained that it is an expression in German which means a person who is very transparent, there is no private life.

I sort of took it and manipulated the meaning a bit haha.

For me, it was a feeling of vulnerability. Though one might try to hide who they are and how they feel – parts of them become visible anyway. Emotions that are hard to keep shoved into a closet.

Remaking this painting in winter was a challenge, mostly because there are no leaves on the trees and I didn’t want to make just one big clump of dark brown across her face. I wanted to attempt to create a more see through effect and really enjoyed the muted color palette of winter.


I hope you all enjoy this portrait painting and if you are interested in giving her a home – you can send Tim at Wow x Wow an email! [email protected]